Seo mapa a rinn Michael Zeiler,, air eadar-theangachadh le Mìcheal Bauer (Akerbeltz) – co eile?

Tha tionndadh  nas mionaidiche den mhapa  an seo:

Tha barrachd mhapaichean mòran nas mionaidiche  an seo, sa Bheurla:

Mòran taing dhan dà Mhìcheal!

A Gaelic map of the Transit of Venus in June this year – a rare occurence. Map by Michael Zeiler, translation by Michael Bauer (Akerbeltz) – who else!

For a more detailed version of the map, follow the first link, and for lots more detailed maps in English, follow the second.

Thanks to the two Michaels!