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Have just heard from Rita that her father remembers the gentleman who contacted her after reading the Seaboard News article in May 2010 , also an ex-POW, and even has a photo of him in the old days. He was delighted to have found him again after 50 years and will be getting back in touch.

UPDATE: Seo dealbhan ùra bhon turas a dh’Arcaibh. I’ve just uploaded a photo gallery to the Orkney article Enjoy them! Tha mi ‘n dòchas gun còrd iad ruibh! Tha ceangal ann cuideachd ri sealladh-adhair nas uire 36o° den chladhach ro-mhòr tharraingeach ‘Ness of Brodgar’. There’s also a link to a more recent 360° bird’s eye view of the massive Ness […]