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Ordnance Survey, Sheet 94 ( 1 inch = 1 mile), 1878

Our featured Parish for the next two week is Tarbat, Ross & Cromarty. The Statistical Accounts of Scotland describe the Parish and derivation of the name as;

“The Parish of Tarbat occupies the eastern promontory of the shire of Ross, being bounded on the south and east by the Murray Firth, on the the north by the Dornoch Firth and terminating in a narrow point called Tarbat Ness on which of late an elegant lighthouse has been built.”

“From the local circumstances the Parish has its name – Tarbat, being a Gaelic word expressive of the peninsular situation of the place and its having the appearance when viewed at a distance of a body stretched out in the sea and nearly surrounded by it. ‘Tar’ signifying a belly or prominence and ‘bart’ drowned or immersed by water.”