RBS CommunityForce is a new initiative which sees us working with local communities to support the people, projects and charities making a real difference where you live.

Voting begins 26 September!


Our project:

Gathering stories factual and folklore, songs, photographs, news cuttings etc relating to the Seaboard. Second phase will be to produce a book / dvd and link information to our www.seaboardvillages.com site. The Seaboard has a rich heritage.

What does your charity/project do?

The Seaboard Memorial Hall (SMH) is a community facility -it is the hub of the Seaboard Villages and since opening in 2002 it continues working towards sustainability whilst providing services such as training, social, leisure, recreational, secretarial, primary health care, job and tourist information etc.

How does your charity/project support the local community?

Our elderly have amazing stories and photographs which need recording before its too late! Archiving and preserving this material in this way will be invaluable. The social history of these villages will be recorded in a way that people from all over the world with connections to the Seaboard may access and add to. The finished material will attract visitors to the area through the history of family connections, stories, photographs and folklore contained in the finished material.

What do you plan to use the CommunityForce award for?

Presently the Management Team have been encouraging people to submit material – however many are elderly and they need to be visited as much of their material is in their homes and they themselves are frail. Awarded funding would allow the SMH to administer the project and employ individuals to gather, record, transcribe, scan and archive material whilst up-dating the web-site.