Given the long tradition of Gaelic language and culture on the Seaboard, Gaelic being the main language only a couple of generations ago, it seemed a pity not to include it in our magazine from time to time. There are certainly Gaelic speakers, whether fluent or learners, in the community or with an interest in it, and it would be great to have contributions here from anyone who can manage a few sentences – or even more! Children, adults, anyone!
We could make it an occasional column, longer or shorter depending on what people put in. Anything welcome – reminiscences, jokes, ‘what I did on my holidays’, favourite websites, books, TV programmes, opinions….whatever you feel like telling us about.
The only requirement – you have to give a brief summary in English too, so all our readers can enjoy it. (And so they know that we’re not talking about them…. 😉 )

Start here….